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Project Management


Cherokee Enterprises Inc. provides packaged Project Management Programs for the liquid and gas pipeline industry. These services include complete Anomaly Dig Programs, Pipeline Cleaning, Batch Pig Operations, ILI Tool Runs, Separation Operation, Hydro Testing, Pigging Operations and Overall pipeline field Operations.

Our Project Management Program is focused on supplying Operators with help on pipeline cleaning, pre-ILI run Cleaning, Maintenance pigging programs, managing your dig programs from start to finish, tool verification digs and rehabilitation of pipelines. We seek to assist pipeline companies who lack qualified experienced personnel to implement an efficient and effective Project Management Program. Because each company has different needs in this area, we are eager to develop program that will meet the requirements of your company.

AGM Site Documentation


Cherokee Enterprises, Inc. site documentation (Site Doc) supplies accurate Sub Decimeter and Sub Centimeter mapping to all valves and above ground markers (AGMs). Site Doc reports also include a track file which allows your company to follow a precise computerized mapping system to find the exact location of each AGM that we have set along the pipeline. We also include photographic records of site access locations; road and/or ROW access; anomalies encountered on the line. Site Doc reports can include depth-of-cover reports and pipeline wall thickness requirements.

PIG Tracking


Cherokee Enterprises Inc. developed and utilizes their own copy written state of the art reporting and tracking spreadsheets (available for client use). All tracking technologists use mobile communications and computer equipment to maintain real-time reporting from the field and full communication with pumping stations and operations control rooms.



Other Services

Pipeline Risk Assessment, Pipeline Chaining, Pipeline Survey, GIS Services, DOC Survey, Inspection Services, and Pig Tracking Equipment Sales and Rentals

Effectively meeting the increasing demand for pipeline inspections throughout the States.

America’s pipeline transmission system is now several decades old. Original lines have been upgraded, re-routed and in many cases, outgrown their original designs. Regulatory legislation is developing rapidly and pipeline transmission companies are striving to maintain and enhance load capacity on their lines. Cherokee Enterprises, Inc. strives to assist companies to meet the imposed regulations through our specialized, state-of-the-art services.

Cherokee Enterprises, Inc. specializes in:

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