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Our lightweight and portable (5.75 X 2.25 X 1.0 in) Geophone is a perfect accessory to an existing tracker's tool kit. Small enough to fit into a shirt pocket, it has exceptional performance with very high gain and low noise operation, along with immunity to power line and radio frequency interference. 

Tracking Receivers


Cherokee receivers are available in both standard (22Hz) and coded models. These receivers are very sensitive to weak signals and act to reduce interference and noise. Analog and digital displays provide viewing signal strengths for all light conditions. Digital signal detection along with AC hum reduction circuitry provides good rejection in noisy electrical environments.



Cherokee transmitters can be custom made to match the requirements of customers for special applications where standard off-the-shelf sizes, duration, and distance will not meet the job specifications. If special requirements are needed, our transmitters can be configured for either higher power or longer duration at no extra cost


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